Specialty Property Insurance

Specialty Property at Intact Insurance encompasses three main areas: Non-standard Risks Insurance, Excess Property Insurance and Equipment Breakdown Insurance. These areas require expert underwriting to ensure that all exposures are fully addressed. Our experienced teams are committed to providing your customers with a comprehensive solution.

Non-Standard Risks Insurance

Customers whose personal or business properties fall outside of standard insurance offerings may have a difficult time getting the coverage they need — and that’s where Intact Insurance can help.


Specializing in property focused risks with deficiencies in construction, occupancy, protection and/or exposure (C.O.P.E), loss experience or class of business, we can offer your customers a basic insurance solution when other market options have been exhausted.

Excess Property Insurance

Excess Property insurance is designed for complex or large-scale risks and can help protect your customers’ commercial physical assets in the event of loss or damage. Our experienced team will tailor comprehensive coverage to meet the needs of your customers operating large companies or unique risks that cannot be covered by the standard markets. Solutions can also be tailored for high capacity businesses that cannot be handled by a single carrier.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Businesses rely on electrical, mechanical and electronic equipment, however, commercial property policies specifically exclude many key risks associated with such equipment, such as loss due to mechanical breakdown, electrical arcing, and cracking, or rupture of boilers and pressure vessels. Equipment Breakdown Insurance from Intact Insurance can help fill in these coverage gaps.

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