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We’re pleased to offer compelling and informative training courses for several of our Specialty Solutions programs – all are eligible for Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) technical credits.

Course you will learn about Duration RIBO credits earned*
Specialty Solutions Appetite
  • Each specialty line of business and the depth and breadth of coverage available
  • Opportunities to retain customers through Specialty Solutions
2 hours 2
Specialty Commercial Auto
  • What’s covered under non-standard auto
  • Special auto risks
  • Coverage for long-haul trucking operations and specialty fleets
1 hour 1
  • Appetite
  • Common exposures
  • Underwriting concerns
  • Coverage
  • Farming operations
2 hours 2
D&O Liability
  • Appetite
  • Coverage highlights
  • D&O and claims
  • Underwriting considerations
  • Sales tips to increase business
2 hours 2
Marine Cargo
  • The components of cargo insurance
  • Risks associated with transporting cargo
  • Understanding Terms and Conditions
  • Sales tips to increase business
2 hours 2
my boat®: Personal boat insurance
  • Types of coverage available, including features and benefits
  • Eligible vessel types (including motors)
  • Survey requirements
  • Rating factors
  • Loss settlement
1.5 hours 1.5
Surety Bonding
  • Bonding vs. Insurance
  • The five Cs of Surety
  • Underwriting requirements
  • Competitive advantages
  • Contract bonds
  • The bonding process
2 hours 2

When you sign up for one of our courses, you benefit by expanding your knowledge and developing relationships with our staff, who can help you build your book of business with us.

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Our Specialty Solutions training courses are available upon request and will be scheduled based on demand and availability.

If you are interested in taking one of our courses, please contact Simona Kellowan at or
416 941 5221, ext. 42726.

* Credits earned are technical hours.


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