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Marine Cargo Insurance
This session will present a brief history of marine cargo Insurance, provide an overview of the risks presented by these accounts, and help you navigate Policy Terms and Conditions while also providing some useful pointers for selling cargo insurance.

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Marine - Product Fact Sheet

- Informational Video

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  • "Wet" marine - Hull and machinery, plus Protection and Indemnity
  • Marine Liabilities
  • International Ocean Cargo / Air Cargo / Inland Transportation / Storage


  • Hull - $10,000,000 any one vessel
  • Marine Liability - $10,000,000 any one occurrence
  • Cargo - $10,000,000 any one vessel / location
Hulls We Write Hulls We Avoid

Commercial Hulls – registered with Transport Canada. Canadian flag, ownership or management (ships)

Fishing vessels (in Ontario). Pleasure craft, Floating homes, Fishing / Hunting lodges

Construction risks (vessels)

Stand alone physical damage to: Docks, Piers, Wharves

Self propelled vessels, Barges, Tugs, Dredges, Crane Barges, Cargo vessels, Tankers, Workboats, Cruise boats, Charter boats.  


Cargo We Write Cargo We Avoid

One-Off / Single Shipments

High Risk Commodities – Cigarettes, Furs, Specie, Live Animals, etc

Open Cargo Policies (Canadian Domiciled Companies)

Shipments to Countries:

  • High Risk on Global Cargo Watchlist
  • Subject to Canadian Sanctions
  • Subject to Restrictive Local Legislation

Project Cargo including Delay in Start-up (Mining / Energy)



Liability We Write Liability We Avoid

Protection and Indemnity (Liability for the operation of a vessel)

US Exposures

Ship Repairers

Products / Completed Operations

Stevedores / Terminal Operators  
Marina Operators  
Charterers Liability for non-owned watercraft  

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