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Compass Training
In addition to expanding your knowledge, you will have a chance to meet and build relationships with our staff, to help you continue to build your book of business with us.

Operations, Exposures and Insurance

In this unique Compass training program, you will learn about:

  • Our Appetite
  • Common Exposures
  • Underwriting concerns
  • Coverage
  • Farming operations
  • Other Farming Activities

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Agricultural Edge - Product Fact Sheet

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Farm Application


We offer one of the best products in the industry for larger farming operations. By combining the expertise of our farm team in conjunction with commercial underwriters located in our regional offices, we can insure all aspects of a business involved in the production, processing and distribution of agricultural products.

  • Farm classes we cover:
    • Beef and other animals (e.g. buffalo, sheep, ostrich, pheasant, pigeons)
    • Horse (up to $25k/animal, including training tracks, boarding)
    • Equestrian (if events, competitions, public involvement covered elsewhere)
    • Dairy (modern <15 yrs)
    • Hog (modern <15yrs)
    • Agribusiness (processing/manufacturing written by our regional teams)
    • Hobby Farms (must have some farming operations)
    • Cash Crops (including work/storage/minor spraying for others)
    • Vegetable and Fruit (including pick your own)
    • Wineries (excluding manufacturing)
    • Maple Syrup (including sugar shacks, tours)
    • Nurseries (excluding poly cover, snow load and growing crops)
    • Sod
    • Ginseng
    • Tobacco (crops written on separate ‘Short Term’ policy)
  • We do not write entertainment or commercial operations involving the public
  • We do not provide animal mortality or crop coverage (except Tobacco)

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