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We’re committed to providing a superior level of service and flexibility, to help meet your customers’ needs – especially when it matters most – like in the event of a claim.

Our regular and Specialty Claims Teams look after claims that fall under our Specialty Lines of business – from long-haul trucking and unique property locations, to complex malpractice claims.

The unique types of claims these specialized businesses can experience, require a high level of sophisticated handling which also means taking a different approach when it comes to the adjusting process.

Making a claim

The information below will help you find the right claims representative for your line of business.

Call 1 866 464 2424 to report a claim for:

  • Commercial Auto
  • Professional Liability E&O
  • D&O Liability
  • Agriculture
  • Marine

Long Haul Trucking Claims 1 866 686 3005

Novex Group Insurance Casualty Claims
1 866 941 5221 | 416 941 5221



To contact Specialty Solutions, call 1 855 475 7878